Business Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

A business readiness assessment questionnaire is a written method of framing questions that help assess the readiness of a particular business venture. It is important to consider various conditions and adjacent factors prior to starting a business – that is, the readiness of the project is a very crucial issue that needs to be considered, evaluated, and decided upon very seriously.

Hence, this type of a questionnaire would include questions ranging from the purpose and objectives of business to the long term goals, and other important issues that would help conclude whether or not the business can be considered ready to operate.

Sample Business Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

Q1: How would you rate the business strategy being adopted, on the basis of the given factors? The levels of rating have been mentioned below.

[1 – Outstanding, 2 – Very good, 3 – Satisfactory, 4 – Fair, 5 – Poor]


  • Effectiveness of the idea: ___________


  • Ability to pertain to the design plans: _____________


  • Manufacturing strategies: _____________


  • Team building: _______________


  • Leadership: _______________


  • Communication with third parties [shareholders, clients]: _______________


  • Ability to meet customer demands: ______________


  • Relevance with market standards: ______________


Q2: Where do you hope to set up the business?


Q3: What is the main objective for establishing this business?


Q4: What would be the short term and long term goals of the business?


Q5: How have you prepared for the business? Describe from the business perspective.


Q6: What is the economic status of the business? Do you still need to arrange for the business startup? Please provide the correct figures.


Q7: How do you expect the business to fare, considering the present market conditions?


Q8: How would you like the management team of this business to shape up?


Q9: Do you consider the business ready?

  • Yes
  • No

______________________________ [suggestions or other related details]

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