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Business is a wide field and entails various aspects. It is important to determine a business process so that you can have a clear vision and be able to set achievable goals. A business process questionnaire is a good way of getting information on how people come up with various business processes. A good business process questionnaire should be very easy to fill out so that accurate information can be generated. The questionnaire should be distributed to a variety of people within the business community. Below is an example of a good and detailed business process questionnaire.

Sample Business Process Questionnaire

What is your current occupation?


Do you have vast experience in the field of business?


How relevant do you think technology is to business?


Do you have knowledge in various business processes?


Do you think that a business process is applicable in the real world?


How would you describe the need for a clear business process to be identified?

Extremely vital: ___________________

would make a difference: _________________

Doesn’t make much difference: ______________________

Does not matter at all: ________________

Rate the quality of the business process in your organization.

Excellent: ___________

Good: _____________

Average: _____________

Poor: _______________

Very poor: _____________

State where a business process is mostly identified and should strictly be followed. You can select more than one.

Government: ________

Health sector: _______

Entertainment sector: _______

Law enforcement: ________

Education: ________

Transport: ________

Real Estate: ________

Agricultural sector: ________

Other (specify): ________

Do you think that everyone needs to have a business process?


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