Business Plan Survey Questionnaire

A business plan survey questionnaire is a document prepared to assess the plan being adopted for a particular business – new or existing – and understanding the various consequences the plan may have. Setting up a business or extending one requires a lot of research and planning, strategizing, adopting newer techniques and machineries, etc., and, hence, a survey to have an overall view of the plan and its immediate effects on corresponding areas of interest is quite an important and essential issue. The questionnaire should be framed in such a manner that it includes the key aspects that would help evaluate the plan and its effectiveness. A business plan survey questionnaire can be prepared in accordance to a specific product or service plan as well.

Sample Business Plan Survey Questionnaire

Business name [as registered]: _______________________

Date of establishment of business: __ __ – ______________ – __ __ __ __

[d][d]    [month]                  [y][y][y][y]

Address: _____________________________________

Contact details: __________________ [telephone]

_________________ [email address]

Q1: What is the “business plan” being adopted?


Q2: How does the plan correspond to the future of the business?


Q3: What are the prospects of this business plan? Describe in details.


Q4: What are the requirements corresponding to this business plan?

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

Q5: How would you execute the plan? What would be the course of action?


Description of the steps:

  1. _______________________________________


  1. _______________________________________


  1. ________________________________________


  1. ________________________________________


  1. _________________________________________


Q6: What, according to you, would be the impact of this business plan on the market?


Q7: What would be the effect of the business plan on the clients and customers?


Q8: Does the plan correspond to the market demands and client requests?

_________________________ [provide details]

Q9: Where do you see the business as a result of adoption of this plan?


Q10: Would you like to suggest anything for the business?


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