Business Plan Questionnaire

A business plan questionnaire lays down the objectives of an investment clearly for use in the drafting of the actual business plan.  The questionnaire can be used by financiers to gauge an investor’s understanding of the business undertakings and whether his goals and objectives warrant financing. The same can also be used by an individual investor to gauge the viability of his intended investment. The questions evaluate the investor’s reasons for investing and gauge the importance of the same. The questionnaire may also gauge the investor’s ability to run the investment to profitability through stating his/her academic qualifications, skills and past work experiences. Below is a sample.

Q1. Why do you want to invest in this specific business?


Q2. What inspired this investment idea?


Q3. What are the main investment goals?


Q4. Do you have any experience working in the same industry you want to invest?


If yes, please specify______________________________________

Q5.  Indicate the activities that you will undertake under your new business venture


Q6. What products or services will the business deal with?


Q7. What is the unique selling point of the above mentioned product or service?


Q8. What is the market segment or niche targeted by the stated product or service? (Please specify the market size, types and nature- i.e. whether concentrated or fragmented)


Q9. Where are the target clients for this business located?

? Rural areas

? Urban centers

? Rural as well as urban centers

? Outside the country

Q10. How will the product or service beat competition?

?Through aggressive marketing

?Through competitive pricing

?Through high product prices

?Through superior sales and after sales services

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