Business Plan Development Questionnaire

A business plan development questionnaire is one that helps find out the primary reason for developing the business idea and its structural implementation plan. This questionnaire is usually made use of by an investor in a company to identify if the investment will be fruitful or not. The investor can be an individual, financial institution or a bank that is financing the business plan. The questionnaire benefits in recognizing the key factors that will drive it to profitability and ensure that the investment provided is secure.

Sample Business Plan Development Questionnaire

Name of the business company :

Proposed address of the company :

Contact details of promoters of business :

1.  What is the primary reason for devising this business plan?


2.  What are the factors that you feel are the key drivers for this business plan?


3.  Give reasons as to why anyone should invest in your business plan?


4.  Do you possess the necessary experience and exposure to make this business plan successful?





5.  According to you what are the elements that make your business plan distinctive among other businesses in the same category?

a)  Pricing strategy

b)  Marketing strategy

c)  Innovation

d)  Best customer service

6.  What is the business plan all about? Give a few key points on the products or services that it includes?


7.  Are you confident that the business plan will be successful? If you have answered yes to the question give valid reasons for the same?


8.  Please briefly explain the steps you will take to promote this business plan and its future development?


9.  What if the investment is not provided to initiate this business plan? Will you shelf this business plan?


10.  Please provide a brief write up of the market segment, market type and nature of the product that this business plan is targeting?


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