Business Partnership Questionnaire

A business partnership questionnaire is a form that is filled by the partners in a business by providing information such as personal, financial and business details. This information sometimes becomes necessary for submission to taxation department or some other government authorities as a statutory requirement. The questionnaire covers all the transactions concerning the partners in the business in a comprehensive manner.

Sample Business Partnership Questionnaire

Partnership Company name

Partnership company address

Partnership company official contact number

Partnership email address (if available)

1.  What is the structure of the company and its formation according to the groups mentioned below?

a)  Proprietorship

b)  Partnership

c)  Limited company

d)  Corporation

e)  Any other (Pl specify)

2.  If the company is a partnership how many partners are there in the company?


3.  Please specify the names and address of partners in the partnership company.

a)      __________________________

b)      __________________________

c)      __________________________

d)     __________________________

e)      __________________________



4.  Among the above mentioned partners who are the working partners in the company and please specify their prime responsibilities briefly?


5.  What is the percentage of investment made by each partner in the company?






6.  What is the nature of business of the partnership company and what are the activities involved in by the company?


7.  Please specify the number of years of functioning of the partnership company in terms of the following time periods?

a)  0-1 year

b)  1-3 years

c)  3-7 years

d)  More than 7 years

8.  Please provide the amount of sales and profit made by the partnership company each year during its functioning?


9.  Please provide the registration number of the partnership company along with the name it is registered with in official records?


10.  Do you think that your partnership company will be able to sustain in the market and what are steps taken by the company to sustain profitability in the market?


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