Business Partner Questionnaire

Business partner questionnaire is filled by all the partners in the business and includes personal, financial, and business information. Some of the detailed questionnaires also include marketing and technical information as well. This type of information is required by the partners themselves or by various government departments including taxation department, business registration department etc.

Business Partner Questionnaire Sample

Company Name ________________________________________________

Company Address: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Questionnaire filled by: _________________________________ Date: ____//____//______

Q1. What is the company organization?

a)   Proprietorship

b)   Corporation

c)   Partnership

d)   Limited Liability

e)   Others

Q2. Who are the principal owners or partners?

a)   Partner #1: ____________________________________

b)   Partner #2: ____________________________________

c)   Partner #3: ____________________________________

d)   Partner #4: ____________________________________

Q4. What is the percentage stake of each partner in the company?

a)   Partner #1: ___________________ (%)

b)   Partner #2: ___________________ (%)

c)   Partner #3: ___________________ (%)

d)   Partner #4: ___________________ (%)

Q5. What are the major business areas and activities of your company?


Q6. Please provide the financial information in the following categories?

a)   Sales in the first year: ____________________________

b)   Sales in the current year : ____________________________

c)   Sales forecast for next year: ____________________________

d)   Paid-in capital of the company: ____________________________

e)   Bank name and address: ____________________________

f)    Net worth of assets: ____________________________

g)   Annual profits minus taxes: ____________________________

h)   Amount of taxes paid: ____________________________

Q7. Please provide the marketing information in the following categories?

a)   Types of products sold: ____________________________

b)   Types of services sold: ____________________________

c)   Types of customers targeted: ____________________________

d)   Customer age group: ____________________________

e)   Geographical area : ____________________________

f)    Type of market: ____________________________

g)   Customers retained (%): ____________________________

h)   New customers in current year (%): ____________________________

Q8. Please provide other technical information in the following categories?

a)   Number of years in business: ____________________________

b)   Registration number of the business: ____________________________

c)   Date of registration: ____ // ____ // _______



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