Business Feasibility Questionnaire

Many entrepreneurs have difficulty implementing their ideas because it is easier to come up with a theory than actual ideas. A business feasibility questionnaire is important because it helps people think about whether their business ideas are feasible or not. A business feasibility questionnaire can be used as part of a guideline in a business plan guideline. It should help show questions that a person might overlook when coming up with a business concept. Below is an example of a business feasibility questionnaire that can be used as part of a business proposal, business plan or guideline.

Sample Business Feasibility Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to help you ensure that your business plan and idea is feasible

Have you come up with a structured timeline of events?


Do you have a vision that is foreseeable?


Do you have S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound) objectives?


Have you identified your competition?


If you have a new concept, do you think that you can penetrate the market with it?


Have you ensured that your idea or plan cannot be stolen?


Have you exhausted the necessary research to ensure that your business is feasible?


How confident are you that your business is feasible?

Extremely confident: _________

Confident enough: _________

Fairly confident: ___________

Not too sure: _______________

Not confident: _____________

How long do you think your business will take to be implemented?

A week: ___________

A month: _____________

6 months: _____________

A year: _______________

More than a year: _____________

Have you gone through your plan?


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