Business Development Questionnaire

A business development questionnaire is used to assist in coming up with various ways to develop businesses. Whenever you develop anything, it is important to get the views of others so that you can generate different ways to develop the business after exhausting your own ideas. A business development questionnaire will come in handy before you choose to expand your business. A business development questionnaire can also come in handy before you implement a business strategy or even before you start up a business at all. Below is a good example of what such a questionnaire should look like.

Sample Business Development Questionnaire

Kindly take the time to answer the following questions as honestly and accurately as you can.

How do you think that business development should be handled?


Do you think that business development is for fledging businesses only?


Which department in an organization do you think should handle aspects of business development?


Is business development more important before starting up a business or after a business is already operational?


Do you think that government run businesses apply business development strategies better than businesses in the private sector?


Please state how long you think that business development should kick in once a business has began operations.

Immediately: __________

Less than one year: _________

1- 3years: _________

3- 5 years: __________

5- 9 years: __________

More than 10 years __________

Do you think that business development firms are effective?


Do you think business development is unavoidable?


Any other comments


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