Business Continuity Assessment Questionnaire

A business continuity assessment questionnaire is prepared to evaluate the scope and possibilities of continuing a business endeavor. The assessment should pertain to the business and enterprise standards; hence, the questionnaire should be arranged in a way such that it entails the important features of the business – bringing up the areas of strength as well as weakness and deciding upon future prospects accordingly.

The conclusion of such an assessment is very crucial for the continuity of the business would be depending on that, and that is why the questionnaire needs to be designed very effectively.

Business Continuity Assessment Questionnaire Sample

Name of business: ______________________

Address: _____________________________________

Contact number: ____________________

Email address: _________________

Q1: Why do you consider the business continuity project to be effective?


Q2: What are the future prospects of the business?


Q3: Have you performed the SWOT analysis? If Yes, please provide the details.

________ [Yes/ No]

  1. Strengths: ___________________________________


  1. Weaknesses: __________________________________


  1. Opportunities: _______________________________


  1. Threats: __________________________________


Q4: How would you rate the performance of the business till date, based on the following parameters?

  • Manufacture: ____________


  • Production: ____________


  • Sales: ___________


  • Promotion and advertising: ___________


  • Market capture: ___________


  • Client satisfaction: ___________


[Rating should be on a scale of 1 to 5; 5 – Excellent, 4 – Good, 3 – Average, 2 – Poor, 1 – Unacceptable]

Q5: The business should indulge on the continuity plan for it stands strong in comparison to the business of its competitors. Do you agree with the statement? Describe your answer in each case.

  • Agree
  • Disagree

Description: ___________________________________________________________

Q6: How far has the business been successful in managing its manpower?

  • Outstanding management records
  • Employees seem satisfied
  • Work output is below average

Q7: Would you like to suggest anything for the business to effectively execute its continuity plans?

  • Yes. _______________________________________________ [description]
  • No

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