Business Bankruptcy Questionnaire

A business bankruptcy questionnaire is one that is filled in by a business who is in debt and wants a discharge for the same. It is a mandatory legal requirement for companies who have declared bankruptcy. The questionnaire is applicable to all businesses which include sole proprietors, partnerships and limited companies too. The company filing bankruptcy has to furnish all the details of creditors and lenders of the company along with the amount due to each one of them in this questionnaire.

Sample Business Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Name of the business

Address of the business

Email address of the business

Contact details of the business

1.  What is the nature of business your company is engaged into?

a)  Sole proprietor

b)  Partnership

c)  Limited Company

d)  Others

2.  Please provide your federal tax information of the business.


3.  Who is the authorized signatory for the business transactions in your company?


4.  What is the category of business your company is engaged into from the below categories?

a)  Railroad

b)  Stock Broking

c)  Clearing Bank

d)  Health care business

e)  Real estate business

f)  Non profit business

5.  Does your company have any previous bankruptcy cases pending against your company?


6.  If you have answered “YES” to the above question please specify the pending case number along with year of filing.

a)  Case Number ___________________

b)  Date                   ___________________

c)  District filed       ___________________

d)  Judge name    __________________

e)  Debtor name    __________________

7.  Does the pending bankruptcy involve you in individual capacity or in your business capacity?


8.  Does your company have any of the fixed assets registered in the company name? Please furnish details of the property as under.

a)  Location of the property       ___________

b)  Measurements of property  ___________

c)  Market value of property        ___________

d)  Any loan against property    ___________

9.  Provide individual property details of members of management of your company as under.

a)  Location of the property        ___________

b)  Measurements of property  ___________

c)  Market value of property      ___________

d)  Any loan against property   ___________

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