Business Assessment Questionnaire

A business assessment questionnaire is used to find out opinions of people about the business. It can be used to get detailed and relevant information if used properly. It is important to assess the progress a business makes. The best way to do that is by asking the stakeholders of the business their opinions. A business assessment questionnaire can be distributed to employees within an organization and its customers so that it can get the perspectives of those working within the organizations and those who do not have a daily interaction with what goes in the daily operations. Below is an example of a business assessment questionnaire.

Sample Business Assessment Questionnaire

Cookies-Now is a popular business that has several retail outlets in the country. It sells cookies, cakes and other types of snacks.

The following questionnaire will be used to assess the current condition of our business. We kindly ask that you ensure all your answers are accurate and honest.

Have you ever purchased goods from Cookies. Now?


What do you mostly purchase from the stores?

Cookies: ___________

Cakes: _____________

Doughnuts: _____________

Ice buns: _______________

pies: _____________

others (specify): _____________

Out of the choice above use the following key to rate the quality of your choice.

5- Excellent

4- good

3- average

2- poor

1- very poor.

How long have you been buying goods from the Cookies-Now stores?

A month: ___________

6 months: ____________

1 year: _____________

More than a year: _____________

What products would you want Cookies-Now to start selling that they currently do not?


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