Business Analyst Questionnaire

A business analyst questionnaire is basically a sample interview questionnaire that focuses primarily on the various skill sets a business analyst has and how he/she plans on using their knowledge, experience, and expertise to benefit the organization. The primary goal of a business analyst is to design business models based on their analysis of the organization, the market, and other needs.

Sample Business Analyst Questionnaire:

Name of the Employee: ___________________________

Name of the Organization: _____________________________

Name of the Business Process: _____________________________

Department: ____________________  Designation:____________________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________

  • In brief explain what you will bring to the current organization in terms of experience and expertise?


  • Are you satisfied with your career choice of being a business analyst?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Am not sure

  • Which of the following tiers of business analysis have you worked in or with?

a)      Strategic planning

b)      Business model analysis

c)      Defining business process

d)     Business process design

e)      Technical business analysis

f)       All of the above

  • Which of the following tasks have you performed in your earlier organization?

a)      Identifying and documenting business process requirements

b)      Handling Business Intelligence Services

c)      Formulation and execution of process deliverables

d)     Handling stakeholder business operation

e)      Collaborating with cross functional groups

f)       Optimizing delivery of business financial information

  • Which of the following qualities or strengths do you have?

a)      Excellent communication skills

b)      Excellent inter-personal skills

c)      Strong analytical skills

d)     Understanding of business data

e)      Understanding of financial data

f)       Ability to deliver high level summary

g)      Ability to deliver process reports

h)      Self motivated

i)        Working knowledge of computers

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