Business Analysis Survey Questionnaire

A business analysis survey questionnaire is a method to collect feedback and responses in answer to various surveys, with different target groups and audience, done to analyze the performance of a certain business. Business analysis is an important activity associated with the execution and success of business; hence, it needs to be conducted in an effective manner.

Surveys are an efficient way to cover the various aspects of business analysis and a questionnaire for the same needs to be arranged with appropriate questions accordingly. Such questionnaires may be prepared for collecting answers from people within the business, as well as third parties, shareholders and clients, etc.

Sample Business Analysis Survey Questionnaire

Business Name: ___________________

Physical Address: ______________________

Contact details: ____________

Q1: When was this business established?


Q2: What are the mission statements of the business?


Q3: What is the vision of the business?


Q4: How has the business evolved over the years?


Q5: Which areas do you indentify as the strengths of the business?


Q6: What have you analyzed as the business’ weaknesses?


Q7: What are the possible areas of improvement? Suggest and describe.

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • ___________________

Q8: What is the present financial condition of the business?


Q9: How do you think the decision makers of this business are working? Would you suggest any change of strategy? If yes, please explain.


_______ [YES/ NO]

Explanation: __________________________________________

Q10: How would you rate the marketing and publicity efforts of the business?


Q11: Where does the business stand in the present market scenario?


Q12: Whom do you perceive as the strongest competitors to the business?


Q13: Has our business taken correct measures to face the competition? Please provide your suggestions.


____________________________________________ [suggestions]

Q14: How is the reaction from clients and customers? Has the business effectively handled demands from customers?


__________________________________ [details]



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