Broadband Survey Questionnaire

A broadband survey questionnaire helps internet companies, marketing companies, and research organizations to understand the importance and reach of broadband in a particular geographic location or based on specific demographics. The feedback received from a broadband survey questionnaire helps in addressing key issues.

Broadband Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Respondent: __________________________________

Work Phone: ____________________  Email id:______________________

Gender:_________________  Age: _______________

Broadband Service Provider: _____________________

Q1. Which of the following broadband connections do you have?

a)   Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

b)   Broadband over Powerlines (BPL)

c)   Cable Modem

d)   Fiber

e)   Wireless

f)    Satellite

Q2. Which of the following services are being provided to you under broadband universal access category?

a)   IP

b)   TV – Analogue or Digital

c)   Sound – Analogue or Digital

d)   VoIP

e)   Others (Please Specify): _______________

Q3. Which of the following Broadband speed category do you fall into?

a)   150 kbps

b)   256 kbps

c)   512 kbps

d)   600 kbps

e)   1 mbps

f)    2 mbps

g)   3 mbps

h)   4 mbps

i)     More than 4 mbps

Q4. Where do you access broadband the most?

a)   Home

b)   Office

c)   Library

d)   Cyber café

e)   Others

Q5. How long have you been using broadband?

a)   New to broadband

b)   1-5 months

c)   6-12 months

d)   1-2 years

e)   More than 2 years

Q6. Which of the following types of broadband are available in your area?

a)   ADSL

b)   Cable Modem

c)   Wireless

d)   Satellite

Q7. Are you happy with your current broadband ISP?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q8. Please list 5 improvements that you would like to see in your current broadband ISP.






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