Brand Tracking Questionnaire

Brand tracking questionnaires assist marketers in monitoring whether the brand is performing well and up to expectations. This helps to improve the marketing strategies of the firm to increase the acceptability and brand image of the product.

Brand Tracking Questionnaire Sample:

Name:                       ____________________

Address:            ____________________

Phone Number:   ____________________

Email id:            ____________________

Q1. Name different brands of our product category that you are aware of


Q2. Among the above, name those that you have used before


Q3. Which of the brands of the product are you currently using?


Q4. What is the frequency of usage of this product?

a)   Once a month

b)   Once a week

c)   Few times a week

d)   Less than once a month

Q5. How much do you spend on this brand per year?


Q6. Which of the following promotional campaigns of our product are you aware of?

a)   TV ads

b)   Newspaper print

c)   Point of sales

d)   Discounts

e)   Other ______________________________________

Q7. Do other family members in your family use the same brand?

a)   Yes

b)   No

If ‘No’, list the other brands ______________________________________

Q8. Why did you think our brand stands apart from the rest?


Q9. Have you ever experienced any issue with our brand?

a)   Yes

b)   No

If yes, please specify ____________________________________________

Q10. Which of the following is true about our brand?

a)   Its quality is equal to other brands

b)   Its quality is better than other brands

c)   Its quality is less than other brands

d)   Can’t say

Q11. Do you intend to change your brand in the future?

a)   Yes

b)   No

If yes, please specify the brand ___________________________________

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