Brand Strategy Questionnaire

A brand strategy questionnaire is a process of evaluating the various strategies used by an organization to promote and increase the popularity of their brand. Different organizations use different strategies and thus the questions are based on the strategy used by a particular organization.  The questionnaire is used by various organizations who are brand owners and helps them to understand the factor lacking in their strategy.

Sample Brand Strategy Questionnaire

Name of the organization: _______________________

Principal office address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Office contact Number: ________________

Fax Number: ________________

Email id: _________________________

Website: ____________

Q1.  Have you ever undertaken any marketing strategies for your brand?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. If the answer to the above question is yes, how often do you undertake the marketing strategy?

a)   Once in a week

b)   Once in a month

c)   Once in six months

d)   Once in a year

e)   Other (please specify): __________________

Q3. Have you ever measured the level of success for all the marketing strategies that you have undertaken?

a)   Yes, for all of them

b)   For some of them

c)   No, for none of them

Q4. According to you what are the factors that determine the success of the strategies undertaken for the brand?


Q5. Other than marketing strategy, what are the other kinds of brand strategies that you have undertaken?


Q6. What according to you are the strengths in the brand strategies undertaken by you?


Q7. What according to you are the weaknesses in the brand strategies undertaken by you?


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