Brand Reputation Questionnaire

A brand reputation questionnaire is a questionnaire that is used in order to assess the reputation of various brands. The questions asked in this questionnaire give an idea about the perception of the consumers about various brands. The questionnaire also gives an idea how dependent is consumers on branded products and whether they are loyal to the branded products that they use.

Sample Brand Reputation Questionnaire

Name: _______________________

Address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Mobile number: ____________

Residential Phone Number: ________________

Working Phone Number: ________________

Email id: _____________________________

Q1. How often do you buy branded products?

a)   Always

b)   Often

c)   Sometimes

d)   Rarely

e)   Never

Q2.  According to you what is the meaning of a brand?


Q3. Do you agree that you are loyal to the branded products that you buy?

a)   Strongly agree as I always stick to that brand

b)   Agree as I use the brand whenever possible

c)   Somewhat agree as I sometimes use the brand

d)   Disagree as I don’t use any branded products at all

Q4. How much does the price factor matter to you when you buy branded products?

a)   Matters a lot

b)   Matters

c)   matters to a certain extent

d)   Does not matter at all

Q5. Which factor do you think is most important when it comes to building the reputation of a brand?

a)   Quality of the product

b)   Value added services

c)   Cost of the product

d)   Discounts and free trials

e)   Communication strategies

f)    Others (please specify): _____________

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