Brand Questionnaire

Brand questionnaires are essentially documents containing questions which are addressed to the average consumer regarding their taste in brands or their response to a particular brand. Brand questionnaires must be designed in a way that makes them useful and valuable to the brand itself so that they can analyze the trends and figure out how to better their sales or improve their performance. Or in the case of an economics study, the assessor can establish and predict trends. Some considerations that must be taken care of while framing brand questionnaires are as follows:

  • Brand questionnaires must be direct and to the point. They must be farmed in an objective manner so that no brands are favored or the questions are not framed in a manner to elicit any particular answer.
  • Brand questionnaires must also strive to be absolutely crisp and professional. The questions must be comprehensive and framed in a lucid manner so that the assesse can fill it up easily. It must be specific to the kind of research that will be conducted.

Brand questionnaires are important as they help predict trends and consumer patterns as far as brand preferences are concerned. They are of value if written correctly and they can go a long way in shaping urban consumer mindsets.

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