Brand Questionnaire Template

A brand questionnaire template is a ready to use format of a questionnaire that can be used for the purpose of preparing a standard brand questionnaire. The template gives an idea about the manner in which the questionnaire should be drafted. These types of templates not only save time but also make it convenient to draft an effective brand questionnaire.

Sample Brand Questionnaire Template

Brand Questionnaire Template



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Date: ______________ [date of filling questionnaire]

Name: _______________________ [name of the participant]

Age: _______________ [age of the participant]

Address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Mobile number: ____________ [mobile number of the participant]

Residential Phone Number: ________________ [residential phone number of the participant]

Working Phone Number: ________________ [working phone number of the participant]

Email id: _____________________________ [email id phone number]

Q1. What do you feel about our brand of products?


[The participant has to mention in detail what was his experience of using the brand and what does he think about it]

Q2.  Since how long have you been using our brand?


[The participant has to mention the number of years he has been using the branded product]

Q3. Do you agree that the price of our brand of products is competitive?

a)   Strong agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Disagree

[This question helps to know that how well the pricing of the products does goes with the customer]

Q4. Which factor is most important to you when you buy a branded product?

a)   Price

b)   Quality

c)   Market reputation

d)   Discounts and offers

[This helps to know that which factor means the most for the customer when they buy a particular brand]

Q5. What do you think are the strengths as well as weaknesses of our brand?


[The participant will mention the shortcomings in the brand as well as the best features of it ]

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