Brand Questionnaire Format

The brand questionnaire format varies from one branding institution to another but the objective of the questionnaire remains the same. A brand questionnaire format helps branding professionals to identify their requirement of information from consumers and can accordingly use questions to get required response. This helps branding professionals in determining the consumer buying patterns and other important buying details.

Sample Brand Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the participant]

Address: __________________________ [Home Address of the participant]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the participant (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the participant]

Email: ______________________________ [Email Address of the participant]

First Question: [The First Question should contain questions pertaining to the participants current brand choices like what brands they are currently using, what brands have they used in the recent past etc. These questions can be framed in multiple choice options as well where the participant gets a choice of several brands and they can opt for one or two. Alternatively, a blank can be provided for the participant to fill it up in their own words]

Second Question: [The second Question should highlight the participant’s awareness of your brand vis-à-vis the competitor brands. Questions like have you been to our brand store or have you seen our advertisements etc would be most appropriate]

Third Question: [The Question should highlight the participant’s buying habits with respect to the product or service offered by you or the brand. Questions can be in the form of multiple choice or a simple yes/no format. Questions like do you consider price as an important buying factor (yes/no) or which of the attributes of a brand helps you to make a buying decision (multiple choice) will be appropriate]

Fourth Question: [The Question should contain questions related to the participant’s willingness to try the brand products or service. Questions can be framed as: are you open to trying out xyz product or will you consider abc product in your next shopping check list etc.]

Other questions: [Other questions as per needs and requirements of the company can be drafted]

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