Brand Questionnaire Example

A brand questionnaire example is a sample of a standard brand questionnaire. It is a document drafted that can be used by various organizations manufacturing branded products. These types of questionnaires are designed for various different purposes like it helps to understand what steps can be taken to create brand awareness or to decide the brand strategies that can be undertaken. The questionnaire is also a method of understanding the possible improvements that can be made in the brand. According to the needs and requirements, a brand questionnaire can be used.

Sample Brand Questionnaire Example

Brand Questionnaire Example

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Date: _____________________

Name of the organization: _______________________

Principal office address: Street address __________ City ___________ State ____________ Zip code ________

Office Contact Number: ________________

Office Fax Number: ________________

Email id: _________________

Website: _______________

Q1. What kind of branded products are manufactured by your organization?


Q2. How many years has it been since your organization started manufacturing branded products?

a)   Less than one year

b)   Less than five years

c)   Less than ten years

d)   More than ten years

Q3. What is the market that your brand has?

a)   Less than ten percent

b)   Between ten to thirty percent

c)   Between thirty to fifty percent

d)   More than fifty percent

Q4. Do you agree that your consumers trust you?

a)   Strongly agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Disagree

Q5. Which factor of your brand do you think attracts consumers the most?

a)   Competitive price

b)   Quality of product

c)   Market reputation

Q6. According to you what are the weakness and shortcomings of your brand?


Q7. What change(s) would you like to make in your brand?


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