Brand Positioning Questionnaire

Brand positioning sets a brand apart from others. Variety of factors are needed to be taken care of to position a brand properly like colour schemes, vision, mission, values, objectives, price, online presence, etc. Brand positioning questionnaires uncovers these attributes to create a right and unique identity for the product. With new products and advancing technology, it needs a firm to continuously keep conveying its message of being unique and best.

Brand Positioning Questionnaire Sample:

Name:                       ____________________

Address:            ____________________

Phone Number:   ____________________

Email id:            ____________________

Q1. Name top three brands of the product

  1. ________________
  2. ________________
  3. ________________

Q2. How do you differentiate these brands from each other?


Q3. What attributes according to you are important for the consumers?

a)   Quality

b)   Price

c)   Availability

d)   Taste / flavour

e)   Others ___________________________________________

Q4. How frequently do you change your brands?

a)   Very frequently

b)   Sometimes

c)   Never

Q5. How would you rate the purchase experience of our brand?

a)   Very good

b)   Good

c)   Moderately good

d)   Bad

e)   Very bad

Q6. What is the positioning of our brand in your mind?

a)   Value for money

b)   Superior quality

c)   Consistency

d)   Other ____________________________________________

Q7. What criteria affect your buying decision of this product?

a)   Family pressures

b)   Cost of the product

c)   Durability of the product

d)   Other ____________________________________________

Q8. How did you come to know about our brand?

a)   Through stores

b)   Through website

c)   From family or friends

d)   Other ____________________________________________

Q9. How has been the experience with the usage of the product?

a)   Extremely satisfactory

b)   Satisfactory

c)   Unsatisfied

d)   Extremely unsatisfied

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