Brand Perception Questionnaire

Companies build brands to improve the image of their products among the public. Various strategies like improving the quality, increasing distribution, communication and advertising through integrated market communications, sales promotions, etc. Brand perception questionnaire helps to understand the perception of different brands among the minds of customers.

Brand Perception Questionnaire Sample:

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Q1. Describe what does ‘brand’ mean to you?


Q2. Do you buy only branded products?

a)   Yes always

b)   Never

c)   Only when quality is important

d)   Rarely

Q3. Are you a loyal customer for the products you buy?

a)   Yes always. I stick to the same products.

b)   Never. I keep experimenting with new products.

c)   Only for quality products.  Where it is a commodity, I choose the least-priced product.

Q4. Are you a price sensitive consumer?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. Will you stick to the same product if their price is increased (and you are a loyal customer to the product)?

a)   Up to a certain limit in price increase

b)   Yes, irrespective of the price increase

c)   No. I may look for different products

Q6. Which of the following, according to you, help build a good brand image?

a)   Quality

b)   Communication strategies

c)   Competitive pricing

d)   Good value added services

e)   Free trails and discounts

f)    Others

If ‘Others’, please specify ________________________________________________

Q7. Are popular celebrities good brand ambassadors and is investing in them a good strategy?

a)   Sometimes, May be

b)   No, No

c)   Yes, Yes

d)   Rarely, Not sure

Q8. Do you use products because they are most available?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Mostly

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