Brand Loyalty Survey Questionnaire

A brand loyalty survey questionnaire revolves around a specific brand and how loyal the target audience is to that brand. For example: Adidas is one of the leading sports brand in the world and if they conduct a brand loyalty survey questionnaire then the questions will be designed to understand where the brand stands where their customers are concerned and how they can better their customer experience. A brand loyalty survey also reveals how customers perceive a specific brand and where the brand stands vis-à-vis competition. This is a sample brand loyalty survey questionnaire for the North Face outdoor apparels.

Sample Brand Loyalty Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Participant: _____________________________

Occupation: _____________________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Number: ________________________ Fax: ________________________

  • How often do you buy North Face products?

a)      Always

b)      Very Often

c)      Often

d)     Sometimes

e)      Not very often

f)       Never

  • Do you buy North Face products online or from a retail store?

a)      Online only

b)      Retail Store only

c)      Both

  • For which of the following activities do you buy North Face products the most?

a)      Trekking

b)      Hiking

c)      Training

d)     Biking

e)      Climbing

f)       Running

g)      Yoga

  • Do you also buy products from any of the following brands?

a)      Back Country                    Yes | No

b)      REI                                   Yes | No

c)      Petzl                                  Yes | No

d)     Patagonia                          Yes | No

e)      Lowe Alpine                     Yes | No

f)       Osprey                               Yes | No

g)      Gregory Deva                   Yes | No

h)      Deuter                               Yes | No

  • If you don’t find a specific product at North Face brand outlets, what do you do?

a)      Buy a similar product of a different brand

b)      Wait for the North Face product

c)      Try to find out if the North Face product is available online

d)     Buy some other North Face product

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