Brand Assessment Questionnaire

A brand assessment questionnaire is meant to provide clear understanding of the current brand and its visibility in the market from the perspective of the business as well as the consumer. The objective of this questionnaire is to reveal the strong areas and the weak points as far as branding is concerned. This helps businesses in making necessary changes to their brand strategy.

Brand Assessment Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Company________________________________________________

Address of the company: ______________________________________

City: ________________ State: ___________________  Zip: _________________

Telephone: ____________________  Fax: ____________________________

Website: ______________________________  Email: _______________________________

Q1. What business does your company deal in?


Q2. What is the consumer target segment of the business?


Q3. Does the company have a single brand or multiple brands or sub-brands?


Q4. Which type of brand does your company promote?

a)   Product brand

b)   Service brand

c)   E-brand

d)   Media brand

e)   Not-for-profit brand

f)    Nation brand

g)   Government brand

h)   Global brand

i)     Organization brand

Q5. Which of the following features does your brand have?

a)   Strong home market capture

b)   Local and regional awareness and recognition

c)   High recall value

d)   Global visibility

e)   Consistent positioning

f)    Consumer value

g)   Single corporate brand name

h)   High visibility brand logo

Q6. Which of the following awareness features does your brand have?

a)   Top of the mind awareness

b)   Aided awareness

c)   Strategic awareness

Q7. Which of the following best describes your visual brand identity?

a)   Highly influential

b)   Strong and effective

c)   Distinctive

d)   Geometric abstraction

e)   Simple and colorful

f)    Weak

Q8. Which of the following brand architecture does your company follow?

a)   Corporate brand

b)   Umbrella brand

c)   Family brand

d)   Individual product brand

Q9. Which of the following strategic considerations have you made for promoting your brand?

a)   Diversity of audience

b)   Elasticity of the brand

c)   Product or service offering

d)   Competitive branding practice

e)   Brand Equity

f)    Brand performance

g)   Brand role

h)   Industry specific issues

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