Borderline Personality Disorder Questionnaire

The Borderline Personality Disorder Questionnaire is designed to help medics gauge the level of impulsive behaviors in people who suffer from the disorder. The disease usually presents itself through self-destructive mood swings and unstable emotions. Stressful events are especially met with severe mood swings. The questionnaire is not specifically meant as a diagnostic tool, but rather as a tool that helps clinicians or even lay people recognize the first signs of a personality disorder. A personality disorder is simply defined as a combination of traits that affect a person’s life negatively. The disorder usually leads to the person having difficulties relating with other people, something that may lead him to depression since he/she will be spending a lot of time alone.


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Use YES or NO answers to respond to the questions below

1. Is your self image positive i.e. do you consider yourself worthy, lovable and a good person to be around?    ___________

2. Do you have a valid reason for disagreeing with your friends when you do?  ___________

3. Do any of your friends ever take sides with you or are you the one who’s always left “hanging”?  ___________

4. Do you consider life worth living? ___________

5. Do you have problems associating with your family members, especially siblings?

6. Do you experience tension even when you have no reason to feel tense?  ___________

7. Do you suffer unexplainable anxiety?  ___________

8. Do you feel depressed even when you have no reason to feel that way?  ___________

9. Do you always feel a sense of identity?  ___________

10. Have you ever abused drugs or alcohol?  ___________

11. Does safe sex make sense to you?  ___________

12. Gambling and reckless living may look adventurous to some people, do you approve of such behavior?  ___________

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