Bank Customer Survey Questionnaire

A bank customer survey questionnaire is normally provided by a bank to their customers and it is a method for judging whether their customers are happy with the bank’s services or not. The feedback from customers is often incorporated by the bank for betterment of their services.

Bank Customer Survey Questionnaire:

Name of the Customer: __________________________________

Bank Account Number: _____________________  Bank Branch: _________________

Work Phone: ____________________  Email id:______________________

Age: __________   Gender: ______________

Q1. What type of banking account is owned by you?

a)   Savings account

b)   Checking account

c)   Loan account

d)   Numbered bank account

e)   No cost account

f)    Interest bearing checking account

g)   Money market deposit account

h)   Certificate of deposit

i)     Tax-free savings account

j)    Transaction deposit

k)   Nostro and vostro accounts

l)     Current account

m) Joint account

Q2. How long have you had these accounts in the bank?

a)   Less than a year

b)   1-3 years

c)   3-8 years

d)   More than 8 years

Q3. Are you satisfied with the current service offerings of the bank?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q4. Are you able to use banking services online?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. What is your feedback regarding the bank’s Customer Service Representatives? Please use “yes” or “no”

a)   Answer calls quickly

b)   Don’t put you on hold for long

c)   Knowledge about banking products

d)   Knowledge about banking services

e)   Banking issues handled quickly

f)    Regular follow-up by banking executives

g)   Good communication skills

h)   Good etiquettes

i)     Friendly service

Q6. How many times have you faced a problem related to your banking account in the last 1 year?

a)   Once

b)   1-5 times

c)   5-10 times

d)   More than 10 times

e)   Never

Q7. How quickly were your banking problems and issues addressed by the bank staff?

a)   Immediately

b)   Within 24 hours

c)   Within 48 hours

d)   Within 3-5 business days

e)   More than a week

f)    Some issues are still pending

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