Attrition Survey Questionnaire

An attrition survey questionnaire is normally filled by employees including middle and senior management executives. This is conducted by the HR (human resource) department of an organization in order to ascertain the primary reasons for increase in rate of attrition in the company. The results of the attrition survey questionnaire helps the HR teams to create solutions, plans and devise strategies for cutting down on the attrition rate.

Attrition Survey Questionnaire Sample

Name of the employee: ________________________________

Employee Number: ________________   Department: ________________________

Designation: _______________________

Email: _________________________

Joining Date: ____//____//_________

Q1. What according to you is the most important reason for attrition?

a)   Lack of proper work environment

b)   Remuneration is not according to skills

c)   Lack of rewards for performance

d)   Lack of job rotations

e)   No vertical and lateral growth

Q2. Which of the following reasons can be accounted for the high rate of attrition in your organization?

a)   Poor pre-program preparation

b)   Lack of motivation

c)   Longer bench times

d)   Case management

e)   Transport issues

f)    Access issues

g)   Inappropriate targeting

h)   Breach for non-attendance

Q3. According to you, which of the following solutions can help check attrition in the company?

a)   Bring positive changes in work environment

b)   Provide development and skills training

c)   Enhance the competence of managers

d)   Provide equal work opportunity to employees

e)   Provide opportunity to employees to earn rewards

f)    Create a performance based reward system

g)   Tackle and solve employee issues in real time

Q4. What impact does your organization have due to high rate of attrition?


Q5. How will it help the organization if the rate of attrition is checked?


Q6. As an employee do you feel that the rate of attrition can be lowered?

a)   Yes

b)   No

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