Attitude Survey Questionnaire

An attitude survey questionnaire consists of a series of questions that are asked to individual people so that statistical data can be obtained for a given research project. It is an easy way of collecting data from a large number of people.

An attitude survey questionnaire allows the people answering the questionnaire to give their personal outlook or approach to the questions given.

The questions in an attitude survey questionnaire just like in any other questionnaire should have all the appropriate questions and the questions written in a certain order or sequence. This helps to ensure that the participants opinions are well reflected, which is very crucial for the success of the questionnaire.

Sample Attitude Survey Questionnaire

For the following questions indicate what your feelings are about each of the following statements.

  • Strongly Agree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Uncertain
  • Neutral

Most people in the 3rd world countries live below the poverty line


Self awareness is a key factor of self growth


It has been stated severally that the best is yet to come. Give your opinion.


Men tend to be afraid of strong independent women


Riches is the key to happiness


It is necessary for an organization to change with the times in terms of technology.


You should trust the people that you come by in your life


I am financially stable


Many people believe in religion


It is better to be educated rather than uneducated


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