Assouline Fashion Questionnaire

An Assouilne fashion questionnaire is a questionnaire that helps to understand the fashion statement of various people. Such fashion questionnaires are designed by the leading brands and the renowned fashion designers. Assouline fashion questionnaire contains simple fashion queries in order to understand the choice of people.

Sample Assouline Fashion Questionnaire:

Name of the Participant: _______________

Age: ________________________________

Date of Participation: _________________

  1. Mention the name of five leading brand in which you like to invest your money:


2     Which of the following mentioned is your preference, if you have a limited budget

  • I would like to buy a watch
  • I would like to invest money in branded jeans
  • Like to visit leading parlour
  • Like to buy a pair of shoes
  • Others, please specify: _______________

3     What is your favourite style?

  • Urban
  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Trendy
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

4     Do you read fashion articles and books published by leading fashion houses?

  • Yes. I often do
  • Sometimes
  • Not much
  • No

5     Is your fashion sense influenced by your culture?

  • Yes. A lot
  • Somewhat Yes
  • No

6     Do you think that beauty with mind is the excellent combination to pamper yourself with ultimate designer clothes?

  • Yes. Absolutely
  • Not necessary
  • No

7     According to you, which of the following factor is the most important one for a stylish looks

  • Designer Attire
  • Branded Shoes
  • Exclusive Jewellery
  • Expensive Watches

8     Kindly give us a chance to know more about yourself? Please write a few lines about your style and fashion sense:


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