Asperger’s Questionnaire

Asperger’s syndrome is a highly uncommon disorder which resembles Autism in many aspects. It is characterized by recurring patterns of interests or behaviours, evident complexity in social interaction, clumsiness and unique use of language. To detect this syndrome, a questionnaire is prepared which are to be given to concerned individuals.

The results of the Asperger’s questionnaire can be used to prepare a index to measure the intensity of his or her disorder. A sample questionnaire is given below.

Sample Asperger’s Questionnaire

Please answer the questions in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

1)   Do you have little or no facial expression at all? _______

2)   Is your voice monotonous and flat? ______

3)   While you talk to a subject, do you avoid eye contact? ______

4)   Is your social behaviour awkward? ___________

5)   Are you unable to understand facial expressions and body languages of people around you? __________

6)   Were you unable to hold a job for a long period of time? _________

7)   Were you employed in a post that was way below the level of your qualification? _____

8)   Are you highly sensitive to criticism? __________

9)   Do you have problems in sleeping or suffer from insomnia? ________

10)               Are you capable of working very hard relentlessly? __________

11)               Do you have a very rigid daily routine, deviation from which causes you lot of distress? __________

12)               Do you suffer from eating disorders or anorexia? _______

13)               Have you been previously diagnosed with any personality disorders? _______

If your answer to these questions is mainly ‘Yes’ and it is highly predominant over questions that have answer ‘No’, then you should contact a professional regarding further diagnosis.

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