Anti Social Personality Questionnaire

Anti social personality questionnaire is an inventory form for assessing the anti social personality within a person answering to this questionnaire. This kind of questionnaire is a type of comprehensive structured interview through which antisocial personality disorder from a person could be examined.


Anti social personality questionnaire Sample


Name of the participant _________________________

Age: ____________     Gender: ___________

Answer these questions appropriately with details for getting best result of your personality:

  1. Do you have a strong self esteem nature?

a. Yes, strongly

b. No, not that much

c. Sometimes, depends

  1. What you would do, if you are extremely depressed for a long period of time?
  1. Will try to get rid out of it
  2. Will try to commit suicide, the best possible way of getting rid of everything.
  3. Will fight with it.
  1. Do you often indulge yourself in aggression with others?
  1. Most of the time
  2. Sometimes when it is not in my way
  3. I don’t loose my cool easily.
  1. Do you smoke, consume alcohol or any other kind of drugs? If ‘yes’ please mention.
  1. I am strongly addicted.    ________________
  2. Occasionally
  3. I avoid consuming any such things.
  1. Do you create violence after consuming alcohol or drugs?
  1. It happens every time
  2. Sometimes, it happens unconsciously
  3. It has never happened till date.

6. Do you have any kind of weapons or explosives in your possession? If ‘yes’ mention what you have?

  1. Yes, I have    ____________
  2. No I don’t have any

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