Anger Management Questionnaire

Anger is a normal human emotion. However, how you handle it matters a lot. If you tend to overact and go out of control, then you might have anger management issues. Following is a questionnaire which will help you identify whether you suffer from anger management or not.

Sample anger management questionnaire

Please answer Yes or No to indicate if you have the following symptoms

Have you ever harmed any one as a result of your anger? ____________

Have any of your family members expressed concern about your anger? ____________

Have you ever harmed yourself as a result of your anger? _________________

Have you ever lost a job as a result of your anger? ____________________

Have you ever caused damage to property as a result of your anger?  ________________

Are you frequently moody, sad or in a somber mood? ________________________

Do you sometimes feel helpless and sad due to your anger? _______________________

Do you find yourself screaming when angry?  ___________________

Do you sometimes wish that you had medication in order to control your

anger? __________________________

Do you experience any physical pains when you are angry, for instance

Headaches or stoma aches? __________________

Have you ever been so angry that you did not remember something you

did or said? __________________________

Sometimes you feel so hurt, betrayed or alone that you want to commit

Suicide ______________________

Do you sometimes get angry without any reason? __________________

Do other feel threatened and intimidated when they are around you? ________________

If you answered yes to more than 8 questions, you have serious anger issues and it is recommended that seek help from a counselor or psychiatrist.

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