Advertising Feedback Questionnaire

Advertising Feedback Questionnaire is a questionnaire which is used by the advertising companies to know the reviews of the people regarding advertisements. In today’s scenario, it is necessary to know how advertisements are being perceived by the audience in order to understand what are their views and expectations from the advertising companies. These questionnaires also help advertising companies to know what type of advertisements can be easily remembered by the customers.

Sample Advertising Feedback Questionnaire

1) Gender:

a) Male

b) Female

2) Age:

a) Below 20

b) 20-30

c) 30-40

d) 40-50

e) 50-60

f) Above 60

3) Which medium is best for advertisements?

a) Print

b) Radio

c) Television

d) Cinema Halls

e) Others, Specify: _______________

4) What type of advertisement do you prefer?

a) Comedy

b) Small movie

c) Continuing storylines

d) Drama

e) Action

f) Adds with babies

5) Why do you prefer such advertisements?


6) What purpose advertisements interest you the most?

a) Automobiles

b) Perfumes and Deodorants

c) Baby Products

d) Electronics

e) Furnishings

f) Eating Outlets

g) Insurance Companies

h) Promotional Offers

i) Seasonal Offers

j) Others, Specify: ____________________

7) What types of advertisements are easy to be remembered?

a) Advertisements with some famous personality

b) Advertisements with some different and amazing animations

c) Advertisements with funny concept

d) Advertisements with some music or lyrical advertisements

e) Advertisements with many props or different kind of props

f) Advertisements with sad or romantic storylines

g) Advertisements with catchy taglines

h) Others, Specify: ___________________________________

8) What do you dislike about advertisements?

a) Advertisements having famous personality

b) Advertisements having poor animations

c) Advertisements having sillyconcepts

d) Advertisements having music or lyrical advertisements

e) Advertisements having lots of props or different kind of props

f) Advertisements having sad or romantic storylines

g) Advertisements having meaningless taglines

h) Others, Specify: ___________________________________

9) Suggestions, if any: _____________________________________________

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