Adolescent Personality Questionnaire

An Adolescent personality questionnaire is one of the effective ways for evaluating the child’s personality during his or her teenage period. Through this kind of questionnaire parents can best understand their child’s psychology. Generally, this kind of evaluation is performed among the children of age group 8 to 17 to analyze their personality.

Adolescent personality questionnaire Sample


Name of the child: _____________________ Age: _________  Gender:___________

Answer all the questions with details appropriately.

  1. Is your child is expressive?
  1. Yes, he or she is over expressive.
  2. Sometimes not always.
  3. He or she is expressionless.
  1. Does your child often indulge in fights, tiffs or quarrels with his or her peers?
  1. Very often
  2. Very rarely
  3. Not at all
  1. Does he or she is gender biased and does not prefer making friends from opposite sex?
  1. Yes very strongly
  2. Absolutely not
  1. Does your child have any kind of addiction you find? If ‘yes’ then mention with details what kind of addiction.
  1. Yes, I guess my child is strongly addicted to ________
  2. No I have never seen any kind of addiction.
  1. Have you ever talked regarding relationships with your child? If ‘yes’ what was his or her reaction on it.


  1. Do you find your child to be nervous and fearful?
  1. Yes, at times
  2. Depends on the situation for eg: dark room
  3. Not at all my child is quite brave.
  1. How is your child’s performance on study?
  1. Outstanding
  2. Good
  3. Average
  4. Below average

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